Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2023-02-25

What information is collected

This website doesn't collect any personal information like IP, email of physical addresses. By logging in with GitHub, you are verifying your GitHub profile and your sponsorship status with this website. This website uses an account ID system to identify to whom to send notifications to, your GitHub account isn't used beyond verifying your sponsorship status. If you are concerned about that fact, you can use any personal or none personal GitHub profile to sponsor this project. When you are logged in, your session cookie will be stored on the server and in your browser, that is needed for authentication purposes.

Why information is collected

Only information absolutely required to perform the function of this website is collected. This includes your GitHub username to verify your sponsorship and notifications of new videos sent to you. The nature of notifications are inherently transient, meaning once delivered, notifications will be stored for a limited amount of time for easy verification that his service is working as expected, then discarded as complete.

Who information is shared with or sold to

Absolutely no information is being shared or sold or further processed with any third party whatsoever.

What rights users have over their data

You have the right to delete your data here at any time. Follow the instruction on your profile page. This will immediately disconnect your account, all entries in the Database will get deleted within maximal 24h after the cleanup task triggers. All mentions of your user ID will be rotated out of the automated database backups within 30 days.