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This site provides various perks for sponsors of Tube Archivist - Your Self-Hosted YouTube Mediaserver. Start sponsoring this project to help support the development and take advantage of these additional features.

State of this Project

This project is currently in open beta. This means, you are free to sign up and use this project, but expect to encounter some bugs and limitations.

Getting Started

  1. Install and familiarize yourself with Tube Archivist.
  2. Start sponsoring this project, login to this website with your your GitHub account and validate your status on the profile page.
  3. Sponsoring this project will give you access to a dedicated repo with installation instructions and support for a minimal client container to install alongside Tube Archivist.
  4. Add your channels here to start monitoring them for realtime notifications.

Core features

Checked icon Subscribe to realtime channel notifications from YouTube to automatically add new videos to your Tube Archivist.
Unchecked icon Send links through the Companion browser extension.Coming Soon
Unchecked icon Share deactivated videos and channels with other members on this server.Coming Soon


How does this work?

This links your channel subscribtions with pubsubhub, a service from YouTube, to recieve and forward notifications of new videos. A small container installed on your server will listen for notifications and add them to your Tube Archivist queue via the API.

Last modified: Feb. 28, 2023

What permissions will this give to GitHub?

When logging in the first time, you'll be redirected to a GitHub consent screen, there you can see that this project will get Access public information (read-only) permissions. This means, this website will only get access to publicly available information from your profile. In no way will this share any information back with GitHub.

Last modified: Feb. 28, 2023

Why use GitHub for authentication?

By handing off the complicated tasks of authentication, payment verifying and processing to GitHub, this allows this project to focus on the core functionality. Additionally, this also helps to minimize the amount of data this project needs to collect from you to perform its function.

Last modified: Feb. 28, 2023

How real is realtime?

This ultimately depends on YouTube, there is some variation in how fast they send notifications for new videos. By observation, it takes on average 5 minutes after publishing a new video for YouTube to send out notifications. Then this website will take a second or two to validate, process, store and forward this message to you.

Last modified: Feb. 28, 2023

What happens when my server is offline?

Notifications are cached for at least 48h. Once you reconnect, you'll get the missed notifications first. If you are offline for longer than 48h, you can rescan your subscriptions first to add any missed videos.

Last modified: Feb. 28, 2023


Overview of available sponsor tiers.